Our Story

We have a very important commitment to protect animals and their environment...

We are a young family based in Brisbane, Australia in a mission to protect animals and their environment, we started our journey to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle five years ago by changing the way we eat, the way we see the world and how we look after our planet, a cruelty free and toxin-free environment around our young family are all very important to us.

Then, something magical happened when we adopted our first fur baby and we started learning about so many wonderful animal rescue organisations that save death row, abandoned, injured, sick and neglected animals all around Australia. We wanted to find a way to collaborate towards this amazing mission and support so many volunteers that give their life to help the ones without a voice.

To help those heroic organisations on their beautiful and important mission, we will be donating 5% of our proceeds each month to a different animal rescue group.

If you have a special animal rescue group and/or animal welfare organisation  you support and love we would be thrilled to hear from you.

We created Organic Nature to share our journey and help others start theirs, not just with a low waste and toxic-free store but to create a wonderful community  full of love to our health and planet. We will work very hard every day to bring you more products and we would love to hear from you if you find any ideas or products that you may think would support our cause, check our available products here and help us continue with our In a mission to protect animals and their environment.

Remember… its a journey, not a race, each little step counts and we are here to help!

We love and admire rescue groups

Best Friends Felines (BFF) is dedicated to rescuing cats and kittens

from all over Brisbane and coastal areas.

Whether they are saved from death row from the pound or owner

surrendered Best Friends Felines will take them all in.

When they come to BFF they are placed into loving foster homes where

they will remain until they find their forever home however long that

takes as we have a no kill policy.

Best Friends Felines cats will have all vet work completed whilst in

the care of Best Friends Felines, including desexing, microchip &


Some come in needing more extensive vet work which they will receive

in our care.

The adoption fees and donations are the only funding Best Friends

Felines receives to assist in continuing to re-home our cats.

You can find us on 



and also locate us via our website.